Events in the Year 2002

Scouts go to Ape Caves - January

Trent's 16th Birthday

Tim O'Connor & Tysen White Missionary Farewell

Tim & Tysen leaving on missions

Scouts go snoe shoeing - February

Big White Midwinter Vacation

Kory on the CJH Basketball Team

Family Gathering - April

Hot Springs Campout - April

Lachelle White's BYU Graduation - April

Kirk & Colleen take a Western Caribbean Cruise - April

Trent plays on the CHS Soccer team

Kory's 15th Birthday

Janae comes for a visit - May

Memorial Day Week end in Vancouver

Relay for Life - May

Beaver Flats Campout - May

Sound To Narrows - June

Kory's 9th Grade Graduation Party

Alaska Lake Campout - July

Regional Dance Festival - July

Hike to Camp Muir - July

Kevin's Eagle Scout Project

Trip to Utah - July

Teacher's Quorum Super Activity - Deshutes River

Scout Camp Hahaboas

Erin Parker's Bridal Shower

Summer Vacation

Seahawks Game - August

CHS X-country - Kory & Kevin

Bluewaves Soccer Team - Kory & Kevin

Kirk & Colleen Vacation in Cancun - October

Church Soccer - September


December Book Club


Kevin recieves his Eagle Scout Award

2002-2003 CHS Wrestling -Trent & Kory

2002-2003 CJH Wrestling - Kevin